Notes from CSTAR Meeting 7/8/10

Notes from Meeting 7/8/10, courtesy of Gary Lackmann

From the meeting, a list of action items were established.  These include:
1.) We write out a list of bullet points summarizing the different research projects (Matt, Anantha, Gary, and Brian) and send these on to Jonathan for use in recruiting CIs at the NWSFOs.  This should include the underlying scientific questions/hypotheses, the research objectives, the people involved, and an approximate time line.  To be done ASAP.
2.) A conference call kick-off meeting is to be scheduled for either the last week of July or first week of August, with the  purpose of recruiting CIs, and outlining our plans for collaboration.  Jonathan has this in the works already.
3.) Bryce and Briana attend a shift-change briefing this week (Wednesday?) and then meet afterwards to discuss setting up a CSTAR research blog.  We can post the bullet items from (1.) to the blog as a means of testing it out, and getting some content out there for comment at the start.

Some additional key points are as follows:
– A regional CSTAR kick-off and planning meeting will be held in late October or the first week of November, on Centennial Campus.  Although some preference for a Friday-only meeting was expressed, a subsequent discussion with Darin clarified that it would be best for the NWS folks to have the meeting start Thursday afternoon, even if it is just NWS business on the first day.

– Matt suggested that having a schedule set well in advance, even set for the entire 3-year project, would help greatly.  This just gets everyone thinking and planning for these meetings all along.

– Quarterly meetings between the research teams (PI, CI, and student) could take place by phone or site visit.

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