Agenda for Kickoff Conference Call 8/4/10

CSTAR Kickoff Conference Call Agenda
1100 AM Wednesday, August 4th

Welcome (2-3 mins)
How we got here – input from around 10 WFOs, HMT-SE
Scope of project – 3 years, participants include NCSU, RENCI, 11 WFOs, 2 or 3 NCEP centers, and possibly the Atlanta RFC

CSTAR IV broader goals (2-3 mins)
More collaboration and more engagement
WFOs want to participate more both directly and in parallel
Ensure operational relevancy
Improved communication and visibility

Outline of the sub projects, the PIs and graduate students (30 mins)
Inland Impacts of Tropical Cyclones: Numerical Prediction of Precipitation and Wind – Lackmann and Etherton
Improved forecasts of inland winds associated with tropical cyclones – Aiyyer
High-shear low-CAPE severe weather episodes – Parker

What is a CI (10 mins)
CI – Collaborative Investigator from a WFO
Need at least one for each topic, more then one is fine, is a limited number important?
Need a commitment from the CIs to remain actively engaged and from the local management for support with time and resources
Have received several volunteers and nominations – how should we decide?

Communications (10 mins)
New blog is being developed to foster dialog and discussion – will supplement the info list
Collaboration web site will be updated
Want more content from other CSTAR offices
Need help update it – volunteers?
Kickoff meeting in Raleigh at the end of October/early November.
Goal is to build relationship between PIs, students and WFO’s and develop more formal plans with dates and actions items
Recognize the limitations in communications between operational and research community – build this into the plan
Suggestion is for conference calls every other month with all of the PIs and CIs for that particular topic with other participation ok too. How does this sound? Need a rotating minute taker.

Next Steps (10 mins)
Select CIs, nice if they can come to kickoff meeting
Identify and begin contributions that WFOs can make during the next month or two. How should we do this?
Begin identification of actions items and due dates from the PIs project outline.
Use the blog to highlight interesting cases/events or other collaboration activities
Plan Kickoff meeting
Length of meeting
Other topics to discuss
Combine meeting with EST linkage?
Volunteers to help plan it

Questions or comments

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