Hurricane Earl Maximum Wind Gusts

We’ve worked on a subjective analysis of maximum wind gusts (MPH) from Hurricane Earl across North Carolina. The map is available at this link and is similar to wind gusts analysis for other tropical cyclones that can be found at


All of the hurricane force wind gusts were confined to the Outer Banks. There were only 3 reports of gusts >55 MPH on the mainland and they include the Alligator River Bridge (70 MPH), Cedar Island (67 MPH), and Stumpy Point (61 MPH).

 Another wind analysis product is available from the Hurricane Research Division (HRD).  A few selected HRD Surface Wind Analysis (details for Earl are available at the links below the example image from 2010/09/03 0430 UTC.

0903 0130 UTC

0903 0430 UTC

 0903 0730 UTC

 0903 1030 UTC

Finally, a composite wind swath image from each of the NHC advisories is shown below.

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