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Reviews of high shear-low CAPE severe weather events

At the recent CSTAR meeting, there was some discussion of what general format an event review should follow and what should be included.  We have completed several informal reviews and posted them to our ‘Local Research” section of our web … Continue reading

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Potentially Severe Convection Crossing the Appalachian Mountains Tonight?

Impressive squall line moving across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys this afternoon producing lots of severe weather reports. High resolution WRF simulations (shown below) indicate this system may the cross the Appalachian Mountains around midnight. Timing of this system will be … Continue reading

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CIPS Winter Weather Analog Guidance Training

Chad Gravelle of the Cooperative Institute for Precipitation Studies (CIPS) will be making a training presentation on the utility of CIPS Winter Weather Analog Guidance at 2pm on Friday November 5, 2010. The presentation will cover an overview of the … Continue reading

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Review of tornado in high shear, low CAPE environment on 3 May 2010 in Abbeville County, South Carolina

In preparation for our upcoming meeting, I would like to bring a recent event review to your attention.  Back on 3 May, a brief tornado touched down in Abbeville County, South Carolina.  The pre-storm environment was characterized by high shear … Continue reading

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Modeling Extreme Rainfall, Winds, and Surge from Hurricane Isabel

An article recently appeared in WAFs that examines Hurricane Isabel from a modeling perspective. I only gave the paper a quick glance through but thought I would pass it along since it notes some of the research topics in the … Continue reading

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A numerical investigation of supercells in landfalling tropical cyclones

Hi all, On Thursday October 28th, I will be presenting some of my research on TC supercells. This study aims to understand the environmental and physical mechanisms that lead up to tornadogenesis in a TC supercell. To address certain gaps … Continue reading

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