Operational Forecaster One-Stop Webpage

Following Jonathan’s lead in the operationally relevant information sharing, I thought I would share a webpage that our office uses in our daily operations (is very useful anytime though).  The goal of creating this page was designed to be sort of a one-stop shop webpage for many of the internet based products that operational forecasters utilize to improve efficiency during the forecast process.  The webpage is available at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/cae/onestop/operational.php.  It contains a group of images at the top for quick viewing of SPC/HPC/NHC graphics followed below by groups of other links that are routinely used by forecasters.  The images down the left hand side have mouseover capability.

This page can be easily adapted to another office (most of the information is universal but some is forecast area specific) for their use by changing some of the links.  I am always looking to improve the page and willing to add other information per request, so please feel free to comment  and provide any ideas you may have, because I am sure I don’t have many links that other offices use.  Please feel free to use this page as is or “make it your own”, as it is meant to be a resource for anyone that finds it useful.

Any thoughts or comments, please share!
Hunter Coleman

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1 Response to Operational Forecaster One-Stop Webpage

  1. Steve Nelson says:

    Very nice! While not as helpful for severe storms compared with winter storms, webcams have become an essential monitoring tool. Would be nice to have a maintained page or wiki of regional webcams.

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