March 6th 2011, straight line winds

March 6th 2011 (pdf presentation)

I put a quick ppt in pdf form of the event…

0.5 Base Reflectivity shows a decent notch developing on the northern flank of the line before the initial winds calls over the srn half of Chesterfield County

The base velocity images (last slide) were a bit “noisy” hard to interpret (interesting to note the SRM images were easier to interpret than the base Velocity).

In the beginning of the development (and initial wind damage calls)…you can notice a more noticeable area where stronger winds were developing at 1.5 degree slice.

Eventually you can see 0.5 SRM picked up the stronger winds (more clear of a picture) later in the event.

We had damage reports all the way to Middlesex county (beyond slides of the ppt) with this narrow push of wind (little if any reports outside of this narrow event along this line)

Interesting to note…little if any wind reports were received further south along the line…even with 45+ kts ~1400 ft.

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