Potential HSLC event for CHS 3/9

It looks like we might be setting up for a HSLC event in the area Wednesday evening (at least for our inland locations). A brief look at the lastest 12Z gudiance shows the main forcing getting pretty far south ahead of the upper trof, and model BL CAPEs are in the 200-300 range in our threat window, which appears to be from 00Z-06Z Wednesday evening/night. Usually these systems are beinning to rip northeast of us and force theĀ strongest of the convection to our north over the peidmonts of SC and NC into SE VA (which is why we don’t have nearly as many events listed in the database from our CWA). However, the upper level support is more potent this time around.

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2 Responses to Potential HSLC event for CHS 3/9

  1. nws-pat moore says:


    How did this event work out for you? Anything of significance?


  2. Frank says:


    There was a very nice looking MCS that headed toward the area from the west, with lots of wind damage reports from FFC, but it ran out of gas very fast in our CWA. We wound up with only one wind damage report (trees). The leading edge wound up outrunning the strongest shear. By the time the front approached with the strongest shear and upper level support, the area was overun by rain from the first MCS, leaving no instability at all in the low levels. I thought about it being a null case for us, but we didn’t really have enough shear until too late. Now, FFC might be another story, as they had many wind damage reports.


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