Minutes of 24 February HSLC Conference Call

In attendence: Matt Parker (NCSU), Steve Zubrick (LWX), Andrew Zimmerman (AKQ), Steve Keighton (RNK), Bob Frederick (MHX), Jonathan Blaes (RAH), and Pat Moore (GSP).

A brief call was conducted at 10 am on 24 February, mainly to check on the progress being made with documenting possible HSLC severe weather cases. In general, team members continue to make progress with identifying cases. Some offices are farther along than others, but all have identified some cases to share.

The challenge of estimating values of shear and CAPE from the coarse resolution of the SPC graphics was noted. Matt reminded us that we are just trying to get a general sense of the shear and CAPE environment for now, so estimate it as best you can. Steve Keighton had a good suggestion that our estimates should be entered in the spread sheet with a number value only. Having just the numbers might allow us to search the database easier. So, do not enter values with question marks or a tilde (~) to indicate uncertainty, just take your best guess and enter that value.

By the time we have the next conference call in one month, hopefully all offices will have a chance to enter their cases into the spread sheet so we can begin the process of identifying the higher-end events.

The next conference call is scheduled for 10 am on Thursday, 24 March.

About nws-pat moore

B.S. Meteorology, State Univ. of New York - College at Oneonta (1987) M.S. Meteorology, The Florida State University (1996) National Weather Service (12/3/90 to present), stationed at GSP since 8/16/98.
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