Minutes From HSLC Conference Call 31 March

In attendance…

Matt Parker (NC State)
Steve Zubrick (LWX)
Steve Keighton (RNK)
Andrew Zimmerman (AKQ)
Bob Frederick (MHX)
Jonathan Blaes (RAH)
Hunter Coleman (CAE)
Frank Alsheimer (CHS)
Stephen Latimer (HSV)
Trisha Palmer (FFC)
Pat Moore (GSP)

A conference call was conducted on 31 March mainly to follow up on progress toward identifying suitable HSLC cases for further study. All offices were represented on the call.

1. All offices have made additional progress toward completion of a list of HSLC events in their county warning area. Some offices have also identified possible “null” cases. An interesting trend that could be gleaned from the office reports is that the number of cases appears to increase from northeast to southwest, but this observation might not be supported once all offices have completed the task.

Here are a few items from the office poll…

– Some offices have tried unsuccessfully to upload their local spreadsheet to the “Master” event spreadsheet. In a late-breaking development, it has been determined that only Justin is able to make entries into the “Master” spreadsheet because it resides in his account. Therefore, the protocol will be to contact Justin when you have completed your local spreadsheet and he will transfer your cases from your local spreadsheet into the Master.

– RAH raised a question about the accuracy of some of the SPC mesoanalysis graphics. Some cases have been identified where the SPC analysis was inferior. Another possible source of error might be introduced during an event with a long duration.

-Jonathan has sent a hard drive containing their library of SPC mesoanalysis sector images to ERH so it could be put on the Regional FTP server. That occurred several weeks ago. At this time (19 April) the data is still not available. In the mean time, he has been posting recent events at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/rah/downloads/CSTAR/HSLC

– A question was asked about the status of requesting extra contours on the SPC mesoanalysis graphics for low CAPE. Steve Zubrick and Jonathan Blaes will work together to follow up on this request to the SPC.

– FFC noted that a high school student volunteer has been helping to identify possible null cases across their county warning area and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

-Matt Parker revealed that a student has been identified from the University of Oklahoma and will arrive this summer.

2. A few more thoughts were shared about the definition of a “null” event, but it was decided that we need to complete the task of identifying cases and possible nulls before we reach a consensus or decision. The determination will be problematic. LWX has identified severe cases with a mixed layer CAPE of only 150 J/kg. [Aside…so has GSP] Hopefully, after the spreadsheets are completed and the work of the FFC high school student is complete, some cases will be apparent.

3. GSP will synthesize the cases into a Master List and share with the group during a future conference call.

4. The logistics of the case studies will be discussed during the next call.

5. Steve Zubrick raised the question about the possibility of dual-Doppler analysis of storm cases, which might be possible around the Baltimore-Washington area because of the number of TDWRs. This would be a very interesting project to undertake if the base data from the TDWRs can be obtained. [Aside…the Archive Level II data is not available on the NCDC page where 88D base data can be obtained.]

6. The next conference call should be Thursday, 28 April, at 10 am.


About nws-pat moore

B.S. Meteorology, State Univ. of New York - College at Oneonta (1987) M.S. Meteorology, The Florida State University (1996) National Weather Service (12/3/90 to present), stationed at GSP since 8/16/98.
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1 Response to Minutes From HSLC Conference Call 31 March

  1. nws-pat moore says:

    The next conference call will be 28 April. Sorry for the confusion. We will distribute the logistics and agenda early next week.


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