April 16, 2011 Historic Tornado Event

While the initial damage surveys and analysis of this historic event are being completed, more thorough and detailed examination will likely be forthcoming. To support this, WFO RAH has assembled compressed files for April 16 and 17 that contain SPC mesoanalysis products for sector 17 (the Mid Atlantic and Carolinas), regional radar imagery, krax base reflectivity imagery, WWA maps and other data. The data is located at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/rah/downloads/CSTAR/

This event demonstrates the great progress that has been made since the modernization of the NWS in terms of technology, research & science, and the delivery of forecast & warning information. Comparisons to the March of 1984 & November 1988 tornado events are appropriate. We should take pride in the advancements of forecast and warning services while taking every opportunity to learn and understand more.

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1 Response to April 16, 2011 Historic Tornado Event

  1. michael says:

    Was there a heads up SPS about the moderate (eventually high) risk. It seemed like RDU and AKQ were reluctant to issue one, since it was covered in the HWO and worded in the ZFP. Whereas ILM and MHX went ahead and put out an SPS highlighting the threat early that morning on the mid shift. Perhaps one was issued later that morning, but I did not see an SPS from AKQ or RDU early that day. I would like to see if we could have all offices issue an SPS for any moderate risk day. Isn’t this a good idea to keep it all flowing? Thank you for your consideration here.

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