High Shear/Low CAPE Cases

The 10 WFOs participating in the HSLC study are nearing the end of the case identification process. WFOs GSP and CAE have compiled a “first cut” master list of the cases identified. So far, 89 unique dates have been identified between 2006 and June 2011. These dates can be viewed in the spreadsheet linked below. Dates identified by more than one WFO are color-coded in Red or Green. A few dates may be added as the case ID process is wrapped up. In addition, closer investigation may reveal that mutliple dates were part of the same “event,” while some of the marginal events listed may eventually be designated as “nulls,” resulting in contraction of the list.  


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1 Response to High Shear/Low CAPE Cases

  1. Matt Parker says:

    This is a truly tremendous accomplishment. Thanks to all off the NWS participants who devoted their time and effort to making this database!

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