HSLC Project Status

Steady progress continues on the High Shear/Low CAPE convection project. The case identification process has been completed, while WFO FFC continues to spearhead the effort to identify null cases. The most recent developments are identification of 25 “high priority” cases by participating WFOs. This list may be altered slightly in the future, but for now, these cases have been targeted for detailed case studies…HSLC High Priority Cases

There has also been a lot of work done by the NC State contingent to convert the SPC mesoanalysis data into a format that will allow the WFOs to easily view the data in as detailed a manner as possible. It was decided that a GIS format would give the group the most flexibility in terms of viewing the data in comparison with storm reports. Since all offices have access to Google Earth, a decision was made to convert the SPC analyses grids to a KML format. A couple of “rough drafts” of the data displays follow. (Note…the satellite background maps have been “blacked out” in these images. We will be able to view them with the typical Google Earth background as well).

SBCAPE with 0-3 km Shear

SBCAPE with 0-3 km Shear



SBCAPE (Larger View)

SBCAPE (Larger View)

Over the next 2-3 months, our focus will be on deciding which SPC mesoanalysis fields will be utilized in the case study process, polishing up/streamlining the procedure to project the analyses on Google Earth, and working out the details of “delivering” the analyses to the WFOs. Meanwhile, GSP will begin a detailed case study of either the 5 January 2007 or 16 November 2006 event with the goal of completing it around 1 November. Once completed, the case study will be presented to the rest of the group for critical analysis and revision, with the final product serving as a template for all of the case studies to be completed for the project.

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