CIFLOW and Hurricane Irene

The Coastal and Inland Flooding Observation and Warning (CI-FLOW) project began producing real-time 84-hour simulations of total water level in coastal North Carolina from Hurricane Irene on August 23, 2011.  An example of this can be found at the web site:  To observe the simulations during Irene, near the top of the page, select the calendar next to “Day”, and go back into August.  Days highlighted in red on the calendar indicate model results are available.  Atmospheric model data used are Asymmetric Vortex (+SWAN) when NHC forecasts are available, and the 12km NAM otherwise. One can also search by storm;  Emily and Irene are valid choices. Take a look at the output options available.

There is a NOAA nowCOAST site for CIFLOW that one can access at  To get access to the station data at this site, a NOAA email user ID and password may be required.  Observations can be overlaid on the site, along with some NDFD forecasts and other analyses. If you are able to get to the data of an individual station (a little difficult as the station names are not yet easily identifiable), it may resemble the Contentnea Creek information image attached to this post.  QPE information is available from the station data link, and a quick example of how to use that is also attached to this post.  Finally, an example of a way to use both the total water simulations and CIFLOW nowCOAST site in combination is attached.

An NSSL briefing on CIFLOW and Hurricane Irene can be found at:

Example of Contentnea Creek information from CIFLOW


QPE example from CIFLOW


An example of using nowCOAST and ADCIRC in combination


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