Updated Reference for NWP Systems

In the spirit of cyber-Monday for those of you “comparison shopping” various NWP options each shift, we wanted to share a reference we put together for the more common NWP systems. Shawna Cokley helped develop this NWP reference which is merged and updated from information that was previously contained in two separate reference (one for high resolution NWP and the other for the SREF) along with some new information.

The reference provides details on the run time, number of forecast hours, horizontal grid spacing, vertical levels, and output frequency along with details on how the modeling system handles convection, microphysics, radiation, initial/boundary conditions and more. NWP systems contained in the reference include the RUC, NAM, GFS, GEM, HiresW, HRRR, NSSL WRF, EMC SRF for SPC, SREF, NAEFS and more.

We plan on updating this reference when the the Rapid Refresh replaces the RUC in early 2012 and when the SREF changes are implemented in later in 2012. If you have any comments or notice any items that need attention, please let us know.

NWP Configuration and Setup Referencehttp://www.erh.noaa.gov/rah/science/rah.nwp.reference.pdf

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