Minutes from the 8 December HSLC Conference Call

 I.                    In attendance…

Matt Parker, Keith Sherburn, Jason Davis (NCSU), Pat Moore (GSP), Steve Keighton (RNK), Steve Zubrick (LWX), Andrew Zimmerman (AKQ), Frank Alsheimer (CHS)

II.                Status of GSP Case Study

Progress has slowed to a crawl due to unforeseen circumstances.  We hope to present our case in a Webinar that will take place during the January conference call.

 III.             Update on collaboration with the WDTB

Jonathan Blaes sent a message that is shown below…

“An item you can mention to the group is that we have heard from the folks at WDTB about  potentially incorporating the results of this project into the AWOC severe training program. WDTB is already working on putting together their budget and goals for FY13 and the CSTAR HSLC items will likely get incorporated into that training cycle. I am still awaiting to hear back from them on what the next steps should be in the dialog between WDTB and the CSTAR project. This is very good news and provides an excellent mechanism to get results into the forecasters hands.”

IV.             Update from NCSU

As of Wednesday 7 December, the SPC mesoanalysis data has been downloaded and unpacked for all dates identified in the event spreadsheet.  The capability exists to produce Google Earth-compatible images for all fields for all cases.  One question is whether we want to concentrate first on a few high profile cases (one for each WFO?) or just create all the images for all the cases.  It was decided that Matt will attempt to process the images for all the cases, unless there is a problem.

It remains to be decided how offices are going to collaborate on the review of an event that affected more than one forecast area or how the work will be divided.

At some point in the near future, we will have to make a decision about the null-event database, whether to just go with what we have from FFC or if the NCSU folks will complete the database.

 V.                Next conference call

The next call will be held one week early, on 19 January 2012 at 10 AM, as the regularly scheduled fourth Thursday falls during the AMS meeting

About nws-pat moore

B.S. Meteorology, State Univ. of New York - College at Oneonta (1987) M.S. Meteorology, The Florida State University (1996) National Weather Service (12/3/90 to present), stationed at GSP since 8/16/98.
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