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Preliminary Results Presented at AMS Annual Meeting 2012 Poster Session

Some of the preliminary results of the TC Inland Winds project were presented at the 2012 AMS Annual Meeting last week in New Orleans. The results were presented in the form of a poster at the session poster session. Attached … Continue reading

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Two NC State CSTAR Students Presented with AMS Graduate Fellowships

Jason Davis and Keith Sherburn were both formally presented with their 2011 American Meteorological Society (AMS) Graduate Fellowships this week at the 92nd Annual AMS Meeting in New Orleans.  Jason Davis was awarded with the fellowship sponsored by the NASA … Continue reading

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December 22 HSLC Event in FFC’s CWA

On Thursday, December 22, a significant HSLC event across our CWA resulted in six tornadoes.  I know this is a month late, but better late than never!  (Plus, this is my first blog post so please forgive me as I … Continue reading

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Cold Air Damming Erosion – an Opportunity to Use Previous Collaborative Research and SREF Ensemble Differences

What I believe is the first significant cold air damming (CAD) event of the winter was ongoing across the Mid Atlantic on Sunday. These episodes are often frequently associated with high impact weather and numerous forecast challenges and the current … Continue reading

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Effects of Upstream Soil Moisture on NW Flow Snow Events

For those who have not been participating in the discussion group related to NW Flow Snow in the southern Appalachians, I wanted to briefly pass along a very short summary of some interesting model simulation work on the impacts of … Continue reading

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Notes from CSTAR QPF group call – January 11, 2012

Notes from 1/11/2012 CSTAR QPF conference call 6 participants Jonathan Blaes (RAH) Barrett Smith (RAH) Gary Lackmann (NCSU) Jordan Dale (NCSU) Jim Hudgins (RNK) Eric Seymour (AKQ) Frank Alsheimer (CHS) Topics covered on the call: From a list of approximately … Continue reading

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Tropical Cyclone QPF/Boundary Interaction Case Selection Update

After analyzing the 54 tropical cyclones that moved through the CSTAR domain since 1995, a number of potential candidate cases stood out for further research. These include Hurricane Irene (August 2011), Tropical Storm Hanna (September 2008), Tropical Storm Ernesto (September … Continue reading

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Orographic Cirrus Along the Appalachian Chain

Orographic Cirrus is a common phenomenon during the cool season in the lee of the Appalachian Mountains.  Most common just to the west of the mountains of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, orographic cirrus has been tracked as far … Continue reading

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2012 CSTAR Workshop Tentatively Scheduled for November 15 and 16

Mark your calendars, the fall 2012 2012 CSTAR Workshop has been tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday November 15 and the morning of Friday November 16. The workshop will once again be held on Centennial Campus at NC State … Continue reading

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Ensemble Fun with Bufkit

During the summer of 2010, the Bufkit application was upgraded to view BUFR output from ensemble forecast models. Forecasters can view various ensemble members in the Skew-T display mode along with various indexes, the p-type nomogram, and other displays. In … Continue reading

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