Notes from CSTAR QPF group call – January 11, 2012

Notes from 1/11/2012 CSTAR QPF conference call

6 participants

  • Jonathan Blaes (RAH)
  • Barrett Smith (RAH)
  • Gary Lackmann (NCSU)
  • Jordan Dale (NCSU)
  • Jim Hudgins (RNK)
  • Eric Seymour (AKQ)
  • Frank Alsheimer (CHS)

Topics covered on the call:

  • From a list of approximately 50 storms, Dr. Lackmann and Jordan Dale have identified 7 storms that had the following criteria:
    • Occurred after 2000
    • Moved over the Carolinas and/or Virginia, or close the coasts
    • Rainfall exceed 6 inches over the Carolinas and/or Virginia
  • In all of the cases identified, there was a boundary in the vicinity of the storm, mainly synoptic scale based on NCEP surface analyses.  The details of any interaction with the boundaries are undetermined at this point.
  • The cases identified are:
  • Hurricane Irene (August 2011)
  • Tropical Storm Hanna (September 2008)
  • Tropical Storm Ernesto (September 2006)
  • Tropical Storm Alberto (June 2006)
  • Hurricane Gaston (August 2004)
  • Hurricane Isabel (September 2003)
  • Tropical Storm Kyle (October 2002).
  • A Google Document is being created to be shared with field offices and other collaborators that will solicit input on each of the identified storms.  We are looking for input on forecast challenges, errors or successes, as well as insight or opinions on how precipitation was altered by any boundary interactions.  The Google Document will be shared over the next couple of weeks, with input hopefully received by early to mid-February.

The next call is scheduled for February 1st.

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