Notes from 2/1/2012 CSTAR TC Boundary/QPF conference call

8 participants

  • Jonathan Blaes (RAH)
  • Barrett Smith (RAH)
  • Gary Lackmann (NCSU)
  • Jordan Dale (NCSU)
  • Jim Hudgins (RNK)
  • Eric Seymour (AKQ)
  • Frank Alsheimer (CHS)
  • David Roth (HPC)

Topics covered on the call:

  • This was a short call mainly to  iron out the details of how WFOs will provide input on a short list of tropical storms and hurricanes that fit the study criteria previously defined by the group.
  • Jordan Dale has created a Google Document containing the previously identified list of possible study cases and information about each.  The file has been shared with the group and participants have been asked to provide any forecast challenges or successes, particularly as they pertain to the interaction with boundaries in the study area.  Dr. Lackmann also requested input on the impacts of each storm (ie. Emergency Management impacts from flooding).   Thanks to those who have already started providing input!
  • Hurricanes Jeanne and Charley from 2004 have been added to the list of cases.  The list now stands at:
  • Hurricane Irene (August 2011)
  • Tropical Storm Hanna (September 2008)
  • Tropical Storm Ernesto (September 2006)
  • Tropical Storm Alberto (June 2006)
  • Hurricane Gaston (August 2004)
  • Hurricane Isabel (September 2003)
  • Tropical Storm Kyle (October 2002)
  • Hurricane Jeanne (September 2004)
  • Charley (August 2004)
  •  The deadline for input is tentatively set for Wednesday February 29th.
  •  WFOs are also encouraged to take a rough inventory of any archived data they may have for the list of cases.  Most of the data is likely saved for WES use, but other archived images, map analyses, notes, etc. will also be useful.  We will refine the details which data we have once the final selection of cases is made, but in the meantime, a list of data availability will be useful.   Jonathan Blaes and Barrett Smith will take the lead on tracking down available data from WFO, HPC, etc.
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