Notes from TC Wind Conference call 2/22/12

Those attending call:
Byrce Tyner – NCSU
Dr Anantha Aiyyer – NCSU
Larry Brown – AKQ
Bob Bright – CHS
Dr. Michael Brennan – NHC
David Glenn – MHX
Gail Hartfield – RAH
Jonathan Blaes – RAH
Reid Hawkins – ILM

The meeting began with Bryce Tyner providing an update on his work and the poster he presented at the AMS meeting in New Orleans. The attached slides highlight some of the key results discussed in the conference call. In his wind study on Hurricane Irene, he found that highest wind gust factors > 1.4 were observed in areas where sustained winds were much weaker. This higher gust factor occurred in areas farther inland as well in the wake of the storm. This was in agreement with Larry Brown (AKQ) study on wind gust. In areas with stronger winds, the gust factor was found to be around 1.2 and displayed much less variability. The higher gust factor after the tropical storm passed was not found near the coast or in the mountains.

Also Bryce presented results of four different WRF-LES simulations with different combinations of model resolutions, convective parameterizations, initializations, and sea surface temperatures. All model runs were started 48 hours before landfall. Future simulations will attempt to begin simulation 24 hours or so before landfall, as well as updated real-time SST data. Gail Hartfield and Bob Bright discussed the development of a training presentation for the office’s upcoming tropical season. This presentation will provide the findings from Bryce’s work.

The group also discussed a common date for a monthly call. Emails will be going out to reach an agreement on a date.


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