TC Winds Conference Call Notes 4/11/12

Attended the call:  Bryce Tyner (NCSU), Frank Alsheimer (CHS), John Billet (AKQ), Mike Brennan (NHC), Jonathan Blaes (RAH), and Reid Hawkins, (ILM).


  • Bryce presented a rough draft of the training slides to be used in the upcoming CHS Tropical Webinar on April 27th.  A rough draft of the slides can be seen in the attached PowerPoint presentation.  Reid will provide the lead into Bryce’s work and provide a brief introduction to the current process of TC wind forecasting (i.e., what is wrong with the current process).  Mike Brennan provide a set of slides on how TCM winds are created and possible shortcomings from the NHC perspective.
  • An outline of the climatology paper that will be submitted to Monthly Weather Review was presented once again.  “Gaps” in the paper were discussed to show areas of focus of research over the next month or so.   In the discussion, it was suggested that having HWIND analyses extended to later times after landfall would be beneficial.  Mike Brennan will discuss this suggested need with HRD to see if this would be possible.
  • WRF-LES simulations will begin over the next month  using NCAR’s small computing allocation system.
  • The next monthly conference call will be on Wednesday, May 9th at 11 a.m.

—Next Call May 9th at 11 AM.

Select Slides from April Conference Call

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