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Some Observations and Forecasts of Wind and Wind Gusts Associated with Isaac as it Made its Second Landfall

Early Wednesday morning, 29 August 2012, Hurricane Isaac made its second landfall at around 0700 UTC per a National Hurricane Center Advisory. While more complete data is unavailable, and specific observational tools may not tell the whole story, I thought … Continue reading

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The Development of a HSLC Composite Parameter

During this morning’s conference call, I presented some preliminary verification results from a composite parameter being designed to improve detection of significant severe weather within high shear, low CAPE environments. The powerpoint presentation is attached. Here are some notes regarding … Continue reading

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HSLC Mesoanalysis Examples

After our discussion today, it occurred to me that we could begin sharing what we are doing in terms of mesoanalysis presentation via the blog. This is the general template I’m following for my mesoanalysis (the arrows represent the locations … Continue reading

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HSLC July Conference Call “Minutes”

In lieu of minutes from the 26 July conference call, here are Jason’s and Keith’s presentations from the call. JASON CALL hslccall_0726 KEITH CALL hslc_update_072612

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GOES 14 One Minute Satellite Imagery of Isaac

Just passing along a heads up that GOES 14 was taken out of storage for 2 months for maintenance and during this period it will be taking some Super Rapid Scan (1 minute imagery) over focused areas of interest each … Continue reading

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TD Nine (Isaac) GFS Initialization and Newly Available GFS Relocation & Bogusing Information from EMC

On Tuesday morning, 21 August, Tropical Depression (TD) nine developed and was located around 500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. This system developed into Tropical Storm Isaac late in the afternoon on Tuesday. This tropical cyclone provides an opportunity … Continue reading

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Holland et al. (2010) Interpolation Method: Irene (2011)

As discussed in previous posts, the TCMWindTool used to develop wind speed and gust forecasts at the NWS offices currently implements the modified Rankine vortex for wind interpolation between the various wind radii.  After a literature review, a new Holland … Continue reading

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