CSTAR Virtual Workshop Scheduled for Friday November 16, 2012

Because of travel and funding complications, the CSTAR workshop has been rescheduled for Friday November 16, 2012. An outline of the agenda and time-frame of activities is shown below. Note that some of the agenda items and especially the approximate order and times are subject to minor changes, but in general the flow from TC Precipitation, to TC Initialization, to High Shear Low CAPE, lunch, TC Winds, High-Resolution Mid-Atlantic Ensemble, and the New CSTAR Proposal should remain constant.

Our goal for this workshop is to share activities and results since the last workshop,  outline plans for the next year, and discuss mechanisms to implement these research results into operations. The workshop will be shared via a GoToWebinar. Details on the GoToWebinar and conference call information will be released next week.

TC Precipitation
Jordan Dale – “Hurricane Ernesto (2006): Frontal Influence on Precipitation Distribution”

TC Initialization
Dr Gary Lackmann – “The Challenges of TC Initialization in Operational Models”

High Shear Low CAPE Severe Weather
Dr Matthew Parker – Introduction
Jason Davis – Summary of radar based research
Keith Sherburn – Summary of parameter based research
TBD – WFO HSLC Case Summaries


Tropical Cyclone Winds
Bryce Tyner – “Tropical Cyclone Wind Forecasts in the Southeastern United States: Opportunities for Improvement from a Climatological Perspective”
Dr Michael Brennan – “The NHC perspective on TC wind radii analysis and forecasting: An exercise in uncertainty”
Jonathan Blaes – “A Wind Gust Factor Database and the Development of Associated GFE Tools”
Jonathan Blaes and Reid Hawkins – “Using WindReductionFactors and GustFactors for Improved GFE Operations during Tropical Cyclones”

High-Resolution Mid-Atlantic Ensemble (HME)
Dr Brian Etherton – HME Wrap up and lessons learned

New CSTAR Proposal
Dr Sandra Yuter – “Ensemble Dual-Polarization QPE Products for Warning Decision Support”

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