Notes from the 1 November 2012 HSLC conference call

HSLC Conference Call notes for 1 November 2012

In attendance

Matt Parker, Keith Sherburn, Jason Davis (NCSU), Pat Moore (GSP), Steve Keighton (RNK), Steve Zubrick (LWX), Andrew Zimmerman (AKQ), Jonathan Blaes, Mike Strickler (RAH), Bob Frederick (MHX), Mike Cammarata (CAE), Frank Alsheimer (CHS), Trisha Palmer (FFC)

  1. Update on CSTAR Virtual Meeting.

The CSTAR virtual meeting is scheduled for Friday,16 November.  JB has allotted 60 minutes for WFO reports, but there is some flexibility to the schedule depending on how many people participate.  The schedule has been arranged mainly around the schedules of the students and faculty.  The meeting will be conducted in a GoToMeeting/Webinar format, and will be recorded in two sessions.  Folks are free to join the gathering in Raleigh if they want.

Don’t forget to register for the Virtual Meeting!  Follow the link in the e-mail sent by JB.

  1. WFO Updates

The WFOs represented on the call gave status updates.  At this point, it appears that RNK, RAH, MHX, GSP, CAE, CHS, and FFC will have something to share, while FFC may also participate.  That will give each WFO about 8-10 minutes to share their preliminary findings.

There was some discussion about how the WFO case studies will be shared.  Each office is expected to find some training value in keeping their study in a binder.  However, the amount of material from all WFOs combined might be too great for the NCSU students to comb through.  We envision that each WFO will develop a document on the order of 5-10 pages in length that highlights particularly noteworthy radar features and mesoscale environment characteristics.  The NCSU students can review the shorter documents to look for common themes and delve into the detailed analyses from the WFOs as needed.   The WFOs can share the abridged versions of their case studies with the group during future calls.

  1. WDTB Update

The planning for the next training cycle at the WDTB will begin in December.  JB would like to organize a smaller sub-group or team to work with the WDTB to develop something that will be included in upcoming severe weather training (FY 2013/14).  This should be a worthwhile endeavor and may ultimately be the most important contribution from the NWS side of the project.  If you are interested in working with the team, please contact JB.

  1. NCSU Update

Jason and Keith will both share some preliminary work at the Severe Storms Conference in Nashville.  They will give their presentations to the group during the Virtual Meeting on 16 November.  Justin will not be able to attend the conference because of a lack of funding.

About nws-pat moore

B.S. Meteorology, State Univ. of New York - College at Oneonta (1987) M.S. Meteorology, The Florida State University (1996) National Weather Service (12/3/90 to present), stationed at GSP since 8/16/98.
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