CSTAR Tropical Cyclone Winds Project Gains Additional Support at the 2012 NOAA Hurricane Conference

The 2012 NOAA Hurricane Conference wraps up later today in Miami, FL. This conference provides an opportunity for the National Hurricane Center, the National Weather Service, and other participants from NOAA to review the past Hurricane season and discuss changes to improve service and science during future tropical cyclone events.

cstar.tc.wind.map2The CSTAR tropical cyclone winds team drafted an item for the conference:  Item 12-19 – Testing and Evaluation of WindReductionFactor and GustFactor Grids.  The agenda item included a recommendation that the Tropical Wind Team and GFE developers work with the NC State-NWS CSTAR group to evaluate new GFE tools, procedures, and grids such as WindReductionFactor and GustFactor grids and explore the inclusion of this new methodology in future TCMWindTool releases. Additional testing and evaluation of these GFE tools, procedures, and grids is planned  during the 2013 hurricane season at a few WFOs including WFOs Raleigh NC, Wilmington NC, Newport NC, Charleston SC, and Miami FL.

A short summary of the project was presented at the conference and the reaction to the agenda item from conference participants including WFOs, NWS Eastern and Southern Region Headquarters, along with NHC was positive.  The formally agreed upon action item is to submit a request to the AWIPS Program Office on the need for GSD support to modify the TCMWindTool for FY14.

This is a very positive outcome for the CSTAR tropical cyclone winds project. Broadly, it means that the project continues to gain additional support and interest. More significantly, it allows a group of WFOs to evaluate these new GFE tools, procedures, and grids this upcoming tropical cyclone season. Finally, and most importantly, if the new GFE tools, procedures, and grids prove fruitful, additional resources may become available to develop and implement the locally created GFE items including potential improvements to the TCMWindTool across all WFOs.

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