CIMMSE Marks Its 200th Blog Post


Earlier today a milestone was reached when the 200th post was made on the CIMMSE blog. The CIMMSE (Collaboration for Improved Meteorology in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast) blog has been in existence for a little over 2 years. It was intended to provide a mechanism to share applied research findings, training materials, and unique meteorological events that impact the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic region. It is a direct result of a multi-year CSTAR project between NC State University and the NWS.

The first blog entry was posted on 31 August 2010. A little more than two year later, the blog marked its 200th post today.  Contributions have been made by nearly 30 different authors. In the 828 days since the blog was unveiled, a post was made an average of every 4-5 days.  A total of more than 18, 200 all-time views have been made to the CIMMSE blog with a total of 213 comments provided.

The blog’s materials are typically categorized by topic and you can examine them below.

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