HSLC Tornado in FFC’s CWA Monday 12/17

Just thought you all might be interested in seeing some data from our weak HSLC tornado this afternoon (LSR had it NE of Alamo in Wheeler County at ~1749Z). The 0.5 degree tilt is ~4kft AGL and we’re ~40-45nm from the radar.  At the 1747Z scan, Vr was 52kt.  Luckily, only minor tree damage was reported. We’ll be heading down to Wheeler County tomorrow to take a look at the damage (and see if there’s anything from an additional two couplets we had).






kjgx_121217_1847_zHi all,

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2 Responses to HSLC Tornado in FFC’s CWA Monday 12/17

  1. Jonathan Blaes @ WFO RAH says:

    Hey Trisha,

    I pulled some of our archived SPC mesoanalysis products for 18 UTC and have them linked below.

    Surface based CAPE and 0-6km bulk shear – definately appears to be a HSLC event

    Rough approximation of the SHERB with effective shear, 700-500mb lapse rate and the 0-3km lapse rate.


  2. Trisha Palmer says:

    Thanks for the info!

    We went out and surveyed the storm on Tuesday and found three weak tornadoes (http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ffc/?n=20121217_tornadoes). The first tornado (EF0 in Telfair County) would NEVER have been called into us – we had the laptop with GR3 on it and just followed the couplet through the back woods. The second tornado (EF1 in Wheeler) was, based on the description, what we THOUGHT would match up with the 52kt Vr. However, it turns out that damage was associated with a weak circulation south of the main circulation (see the SRM image at 1847z, look south of Alamo). I would never have warned on this cirulation – luckily, though, because it was in the polygon, it verified the warning (nuthin’ like being right for the wrong reason!). The 52kt rotation just had a couple of trees down/snapped off the side of the road, no big deal (again, would never have been called in).

    If anyone is ever in McRae, GA, get lunch/dinner at the Southern Star Grill. Fantastic food! 🙂

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