NCSU offering real-time RAP plots on experimental basis

Hi All,

As promised during the November workshop, I finally found time to get some RAP (RUC) plots of the SHERB on the web.  This is subject to all the usual caveats (it is only available when our computers and NCEPs computers are doing what they’re supposed to… please check the time labels to be sure what you are seeing is current), and it is of course experimental.

Hopefully this is of some use, even if it is a bit late in the game for today.  The plots should appear with about a 1-hour lag (i.e. the 20Z plots appear around 21Z), and I am currently creating images for the 00h analysis and 03h forecast.  For now, this is a sort of stand-in until something more permanent (such as adoption in the SPC mesoanalyses) happens.

Top site:

Then use the left hand menu to select either the US or SE regional SHERB plots.

shb4.00 (1)

(this is a static example… go to the web site for the current images)

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1 Response to NCSU offering real-time RAP plots on experimental basis

  1. mdparker says:

    I started thinking that, given the 1 h lag, I might as well also make plots for the 1 and 2 hours forecast times, so those are now available there too.


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