TC Wind Group Conference Call 1/9/12

The TC Winds group held their monthly conference call on Wednesday, January 9th at 11 AM.  The attendees on the call were Jonathan Blaes (RAH), Reid Hawkins (ILM), Frank Alsheimer (CHS), David Glenn (MHX), and Bryce Tyner (NCSU).

Bryce presented an update on the Holland et al. (2010) interpolation method.  After comparing over 250 H*Wind analyses to the modified Rankine vortex and Holland et al. (2010) inteperpolated wind fields, the results did not conclusively show improvement using the new interpolation method.  Dr. Anantha Aiyyer at North Carolina State University will continue investigating the interpolation method and will provide an update around the next conference call.  The hope is to get some successful improved interpolation method to be submitted to the Tropical Cyclone Wind Team for review.

Bryce presented the results of the NDFD verification using the CRONOS database.  Results suggest general consistency with the H*Wind verification, only with greater spatial extent due to the larger domain than the H*Wind analyses.  Bryce noted that the CRONOS database is subject to power outages.  Hence, it is necessary to use both the H*Wind analyses and the CRONOS network for the final NDFD verification summary.  Verification using the CRONOS network has been posted online here.

Jonathan concluded the meeting with a summary of the new Tropical Cyclone Wind Team. The team has been established through December 2013 to provide implmentations of improvements of the study into operations.  Updates to the TCMWindTool and other smart tools to be used in operations will be presented at the 2013 NOAA Hurricane Meeting.

The next conference call will be Wednesday, February 6th at 11AM.

Conference Call Slides are available here:  cc_2013_01

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