TC Winds Group Conference Call 2/6/13 Notes

Attendees:  Bryce Tyner (NCSU), Bob Bright (CHS), Carin Goodall (MHX), David Glenn (MHX), Jonathan Blaes (RAH), Reid Hawkins (ILM), Frank Alsheimer (CHS), Gail Hartfiled (RAH), Michael Brennan (NHS)

The CSTAR TC Winds Group held their monthly conference call on Wednesday, February 6th.  A summary of the call is highlighted below:

  • Bryce noted that the majority of the month has been spent finalizing the climatology paper to be submitted to Weather and Forecasting as well as getting the first WRF-LES simulation ready to run on the new Tropical Dynamics Group cluster at North Carolina State University.
  • As discussed in the preceding calls, all Atlantic hurricanes 2005-2011 were examined for times that a H*Wind analysis was available (271 total analyses).  The four-quadrant maximum wind radii were used for anchoring the outer wind profile.  Images for all analysis times are being posted at  Collaborators are encouraged to look at the images and provide any observations to the blog.
  • Bryce and Dr. Anantha Aiyyer are looking at a potential hybrid approach for a new interpolation method for the initial wind field produced in the TCMWindTool.  It is hypothesized that the Holland et al. (2010) interpolation method has systematic errors when examined from a climatological perspective.  They will attempt to produce a climatologically-based error correction factor that when combined with the Holland et al. model will serve as an improved produced to be used in the TCMWindTool.
  • Collaborators discussed the impact of sample averaging time on gust factor analyses.  Jonathan will investigate his recent study of gust factors of TCs affecting the region to clarify the sampling times that were applied in the analysis.
  • The next conference call will be held Wednesday, March 13th at 11:00 AM EST.

Conference_Call_Feb_2013 Slides

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