NOAA HMT-Southeast Project Starting Up in May

The HMT-Southeast Pilot Study (HMT-SEPS) is a field project planned for May 2013 – September 2014 in western North Carolina. The project represents an initial step toward addressing scientific questions identified in previous planning sessions with a goal to define a long term HMT-SE research agenda. The HMT-SEPS project will be largely focused on quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) in western portions of North Carolina.

hmt.seInstrumentation including 4 profiler sites and 6 surface meteorology sites will be deployed in western NC. HMT-SEPS staff have been working closely with the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources/Division of Air Quality to return the previously-inoperable Raleigh profiler and have to good working order with updated software with additional  instrumentation. Complementary research on southeast U.S. extreme precipitation events and improved characterization of moisture sources and transport will also be conducted, with a particular focus on gaps and opportunities for improvement in the quantitative precipitation forecasting (QPF) of such events.

Two presentations on HMT-Southeast research topics were given at the 2013 AMS Annual Meeting:
o   Extreme precipitation events in the Southeast United States: Climatology, environmental properties, and predictability (Moore et al.)
o   Understanding forecast errors in extreme precipitation events in the Southeast U.S. (Mahoney et al.)

The HMT-SEPS webpage will be updated with additional information soon.

Much more background infromation is available in the HMT-SEPS Science Plan.

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