Dr. Michael Brennan – a Past and Present Collaborator Featured in NC State’s SCOPE Magazine

scopeDr. Michael Brennan, senior hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center, was featured in the recent issue of SCOPE Magazine.  The article highlighted alumni of the N.C. State University College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PAMS) who have had an impact on their field. Mike worked on past CSTAR and other collaborative projects and is currently participating in a CSTAR project examining ways to improve local forecasts of winds and wind gusts in tropical cyclones. From the article….

Brennan’s graduate work at NC State focused on applied research, studying how to improve weather forecasts related to winter storms and snowfall. At that time, he worked closely with local National Weather Service offices in the Carolinas and Virginia. “I think a lot of that comes back to my experience working with people who had to make operational weather decisions in a high-pressure environment.” For Brennan, it all comes down to taking a problem that needs to be addressed in a scientific way and connecting it with something that impacts people in their everyday lives.

The full text of the article can be found beginning on page 4 of the following URL: http://www.pams.ncsu.edu/documents/scope/scope_spring2013.pdf


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