TC Winds CSTAR Group Conference Call Notes 6/5/2013

The TC Winds CSTAR group held their monthly conference call on June 5, 2013 at 11 AM. Participants on the call were: Reid Hawkins (ILM), Jonathan Blaes (RAH), Gail Hartfield (RAH), David Glenn (MHX), Scott Kennedy (MHX), Frank Alsheimer (CHS), and Bryce Tyner (NCSU).

Bryce began the call by updating collaborators on the potential improved interpolated wind fields to be used in the TCMWindTool. The new method subtracts off an empirically-based error function from the modified Rankine vortex interpolated wind fields. Images showing the proposed new wind field for recent tropical cyclones has been posted online. Collaborators were encouraged to examine the images and provide comments/observations to Bryce by July 1, 2013. The comments will be used to develop a summary report that will be submitted to the TCMWindTool developers, encouraging them to test out the new interpolation method for future Atlantic tropical cyclone seasons.

Bryce also discussed the status of the modeling aspect of the study. A recent survey of literature suggests very few studies have been conducted using WRF-LES for examining the boundary layer structure of tropical cyclones. Bryce has set up his first simulation, which will be run on the NCAR supercomputing environment. The simulation is for Irene (2011). The inner most domain has a grid spacing of 100 m and is centered near the location of landfall. Bryce hopes to conduct a TKE budget at various locations within the inner domain and examine gust factors within the region. Results will be compared to the recent gust factor work conducted in the CSTAR project as well as to a recent paper by Zhu (2008), where a WRF-LES budget was conducted for Ivan (2004).

Jonathan and Reid concluded the call by providing an update to the TCMWindGustFactor and TCMWindReductionFactor tools that will be tested at participating offices this tropical cyclone season. Jonathan is in the process of writing up instructions for installing the tools at the participating WFOs. Reid and Jonathan will lead a webinar soon where they will instruct the participants how to use the tool.

The next conference call is scheduled to take place Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 11 AM.

Conference Call Slides

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