Special Invitation to Attend a Research to Operations Webinar or Forecasting Severe Weather in HSLC Environments from the WDTB

In a great research to operations (R2O) activity and in collaboration with the WDTB, the NWS-NC State CSTAR High Shear Low CAPE project will be presenting its research results on Improving the Forecasting of Severe Weather in High Shear, Low CAPE Environments on Tuesday , October 29 , from 2:00 – 3:00 pm CDT. The invitation was sent to all NWS Forecast Offices and other NWS centers for enrollment via the NWS Learning Center.

The learning objectives for the webinar:
•    Identify issues associated with forecasting HSLC significant severe environments
•    Assess current techniques and determine most skillful environmental parameters
•    Identify benefits of the Severe Hazards in Environments with Reduced Buoyancy (SHERB) parameter over “traditional” composite parameters for “low LCL” HSLC environments
•    Identify utility of applying the SHERB parameter to other HSLC regimes

For more information, click the following link to the LMS (https://doc.learn.com/login.asp?lcid=178419&requestedurl=learncenter.asp?page=179) and use your LMS credentials to log-in.


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