HSLC web server back online

Hi All,

After a fatal server crash in July, both the real-time SHERB images (NAM and RAP) and the Google Earth images for past HSLC case studies were unavailable.  I am pleased to announce that everything has been moved to a new server (using the old address) and is now functioning and available again.  And, starting yesterday, we are again archiving both the NAM and RAP images (should you wish to acquire them for case studies).

In case you’ve misplaced them, the relevant links are:

(for the GE case archive) http://storms.meas.ncsu.edu/users/mdparker/HSLC/SPC/

(for the realtime NAM) http://storms.meas.ncsu.edu/users/mdparker/nam/

(for the realtime RAP) http://storms.meas.ncsu.edu/users/mdparker/rap/

Please let me know if you notice anything that appears to be broken!

Best regards,


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1 Response to HSLC web server back online

  1. Jonathan Blaes @ WFO RAH says:

    This is great news. SHERB was forecast to remain somewhat suppressed in central NC but noticeably larger in Virginia and further north into the Mid-Atlantic. Thanks for resurrecting this!

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