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Potential for a “surprise” NW flow snow event on 23, 24 December 2013?

It is interesting to look at the GFS forecast (1200 UTC init) for overnight Monday (23 December)  into Tuesday morning (24 December) as very little precipitation is predicted for western NC. This might be an interesting case to see if … Continue reading

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HMT-SE Pilot Study Profiler View of a Weak Cold Air Damming Event

A weak cold air damming (CAD) event occurred east of the southern Appalachians on Saturday, 14 December 2013.   The evolution of the surface pressure pattern subsequent to the onset of precipitation suggested diabatic influences were active in the development of … Continue reading

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CSTAR Research to Operations Efforts Gain Additional Support at the 2013 NOAA Hurricane Conference

The 2013 NOAA Hurricane Conference wrapped up in early December in Miami, FL. This conference provided an opportunity for the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service Forecast Offices, and other participants from NOAA to review the past Hurricane season and … Continue reading

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Paper published on the Skill Assessment of a Coupled Hydrologic and Coastal Hydrodynamic Model during Irene

The Coastal and Inland Flooding Observation and Warning (CI-FLOW) project is a demonstration project that predicts the combined effects of coastal and inland floods for coastal North Carolina.  CI-FLOW is designed to capture the complex interaction between rainfall, river flows, … Continue reading

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Wind Profiler View of the Classical Cold Air Damming Event on 07-09 December 2013 in Central NC

A classical cold air damming (CAD) event occurred across the Piedmont of Virginia and the Carolinas on 07-09 December 2013. The event resulted in some freezing rain across the northern and northwestern Piedmont of North Carolina along with other wintry … Continue reading

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Movie of a Changeover from Snow to Rain Paired with Dual-Pol Radar Products on January 18, 2013

A mature upper level cyclone moved across the Deep South on Thursday, January 17th 2013. The upper-level low enhanced surface cyclonegensis across the Southeast with the surface low deepening and maturing during the afternoon and evening hours as it moved … Continue reading

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