Paper published on the Skill Assessment of a Coupled Hydrologic and Coastal Hydrodynamic Model during Irene

The Coastal and Inland Flooding Observation and Warning (CI-FLOW) project is a demonstration project that predicts the combined effects of coastal and inland floods for coastal North Carolina.  CI-FLOW is designed to capture the complex interaction between rainfall, river flows, waves, and tides and storm surge, and how they will impact ocean and river water levels.  The results of testing of a fully coupled model system, known as ASGS-STORM, during Hurricane Irene have been published.  The paper can be found at

The paper provides a good description of the background of the project, and the model components.  Detailed verification is also discussed, showing a lot of promise for the coupled model.  NOAA in the Carolinas has been a long-time advocate for the work and it’s great to see positive strides in a OneNOAA effort for the region.  For information, the CI-FLOW web site is at, and the NOAA in the Carolinas web site is at

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