CSTAR Research to Operations Efforts Gain Additional Support at the 2013 NOAA Hurricane Conference

cstar.wfosThe 2013 NOAA Hurricane Conference wrapped up in early December in Miami, FL. This conference provided an opportunity for the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service Forecast Offices, and other participants from NOAA to review the past Hurricane season and discuss changes to improve service and science during future tropical cyclone events. The NC State-NWS CSTAR tropical cyclone winds team provided an update on their research and collaborative activities at the conference  as agenda item 13-15.

The agenda item was received favorably and additional resources will be provided to this project. Quickly following up on the conference, during this past week, collaborators from NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs), the National Hurricane Center (NHC), the Hurricane Research Division, the Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL) and others discussed ways to evaluate and implement this research during the 2014 Hurricane Season.  In the coming weeks, developers at ESRL will be modifying the TCMWindTool to provide an option to include a Modified Rankine Error Function (MREF) which attempts to correct persistent errors in the TCM wind guidance.  The MREF is process developed as a result of the NC State-NWS CSTAR project. In addition, the GFE procedures and tools used as a part of the CSTAR developed experimental GFE methodology in which forecasters create grids of wind reductions (from the NHC TCM guidance) and wind gust factors will be finalized and documented.

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