NC State Real-time HSLC SHERB Plots Updated and Expanded

Based on feedback, Dr Parker at NC State updated and expanded the online model plots of SHERB recently.

Some of the improvements include:
1) SHERBS3 is now only shaded where MUCAPE>0 J/kg and/or MULI < +6 K
2) The SHERBE is now available
3) A new “compare” link allows you to loop through images with SHERBS3 and SHERBE side by side
4) RAP data has been extended to 12 hours. GFS/NAM imagery is available at 3 hour intervals through 36 hours, then 6 hour intervals through 84 hours.
5) The color scheme for SHERB has been improved to emphasize resolution in the 0.5-1.5 range
6) There is now a full archive of all images available online (the link is available by request)

In case you’ve misplaced them, the relevant links are:

Real-time RAP –
Real-time NAM –
Real-time GFS –


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