Materials from the Spring 2014 CSTAR High Shear Low CAPE Research to Operations Webinar are Now Available

CSTAR-HSLC-webinar-apr15.smallIn mid May, former NC State students Keith Sherburn and Jason Davis shared their research results from their CSTAR supported High Shear Low CAPE project.  The webinar entitled Improving Forecasting of High Shear, Low CAPE Severe Weather Environments was attended by a total of 29 different NWS offices.

The learning objectives for the webinar included:
•    Identify issues associated with forecasting HSLC significant severe environments
•    Assess current techniques and determine most skillful environmental parameters
•    Identify benefits of the Severe Hazards in Environments with Reduced Buoyancy (SHERB) parameter over “traditional” composite parameters for “low LCL” HSLC environments
•    Identify utility of applying the SHERB parameter to other HSLC regimes

The presentation materials including a recording of the presentation and the slides with speaker notes are available at the links below:

•    Recorded presentation

•    PDF of slide presentation

Click to access CSTAR-HSLC-webinar-apr15.pdf

•    Power Point slides including speaker notes of the presentation

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