TC Wind Cluster Office Update Conference Call 6/25/14

Call Attendees: Reid Hawkins (WFO Wilmington), Jonathan Blaes (WFO Raleigh), John Billet (WFO Wakefield), Carin Goodell (WFO Morehead), Scott Kennedy (WFO Morehead), David Glenn (WFO Morehead), Frank Alsheimer (WFO Charleston), Bob Bright (WFO Charleston), Bryce Tyner (North Carolina State University)

Members of the Wilmington, Raleigh, Morehead City, Charleston, and Wakefield National Weather Service offices will be testing a set of new TCMWind procedures for the 2014 tropical cyclone season. The tested procedures are based on results of the CSTAR inland winds project and are featured changes in the TCMWindTool. In particular, the TCMWindTool has the additional options of applying a climatologically-based error correction of the National Hurricane Center TCM product as well as the added use of WindReductionGrids. The attached slides describe the new process of developing the sustained wind speed and gust grids based on these new options.


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