2017 CSTAR Workshop and Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sub-regional SOO Meeting Held in Raleigh


Photo of the 2017 CSTAR workshop attendees.

On April 26th through 28th over 20 meteorologists from the National Weather Service (NWS) as well as faculty and students from N.C. State University (NCSU) gathered in Raleigh to get updates on various collaborative research activities, share operational and training successes and to look to the future toward planned and potential projects across our region.

Meteorologists from 9 NWS WFOs along with NWS Eastern Region Headquarters (ERH) met during a portion of Wednesday and Friday for a NWS Sub-regional SOO Meeting. This time was dedicated to meet some of the new SOOs/staff from around the area, discuss best practices and challenges unique to the region, and to look to the future of the science program. Thursday was largely dedicated to collaborative research with NC State including updates on a 3 year Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research (CSTAR) project focused on high impact weather associated with low-topped severe convection in the Southeastern U.S.” In addition, other research activities at NC State including heavy banded snowfall, predictive modeling for storm surge and flooding, and quantifying radar uncertainty and ensemble QPE were presented.

Finally, a new CSTAR project entitled “Understanding fundamental processes and evaluating high-resolution model forecasts in high-shear low-CAPE severe storm environments” was introduced. This project will build off of previous collaborative research between NCSU and the NWS, which has had very successful research to operation results.

Presentations from the workshop are available via Google Drive at this URL: https://goo.gl/UJkSrP

Look for additional details on the workshop including follow up activities, highlights and updates in future blog posts. A virtual workshop is tentatively planned for October with a desire for another in person meeting next fall as the next CSTAR effort matures.

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