A pair of HSLC-related presentations: NOAA VLab Forum and AMS Mesoscale Conference

Over the last few months, I have provided two presentations on recent HSLC-related research. In June, I was the presenter at NOAA’s VLab Forum, where I provided an overview of the ongoing HSLC CSTAR project based at NC State University. A recording of this presentation can be found here.

The next month, I traveled to the AMS Conference on Mesoscale Processes in San Diego, where I presented an update on my ongoing idealized modeling work. Of particular interest, I have identified the chain of processes appearing to result in the development of strong, low-level vortices within simulated HSLC QLCSs and determined how low-level shear vector magnitude and low-level lapse rates could affect these processes.

Simulation-based research continues, and I intend to complete and defend my dissertation later this fall. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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