Modified SHERB forecast plots now available

Forecast graphics for the modified SHERB (MOSH) and SHERBE (MOSHE) parameters are now available at the following links for the RAP, NAM, and GFS:


Example 1-hour forecast RAP 4-panel of (top left) SHERBS3, (top right) SHERBE, (bottom left) MOSH, and (bottom right) MOSHE, valid 13Z 25 August 2017.

We have noticed that the calculated values show relative consistency between models, and the spatial footprints of enhanced values tend to be similar to those of the SPC Mesoanalysis. However, the values on the SPC Mesoanalysis are generally higher than those that we have calculated, again suggesting that there may be some discrepancies in the way SPC is calculating the parameters. I plan to touch base with SPC soon to ask about their progress on calculating individual terms of the MOSH/E parameters in order to determine where the differences arise.

Please feel free to utilize these plots as we transition into the HSLC season and share any insights you have!

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2 Responses to Modified SHERB forecast plots now available

  1. Matthew Parker says:

    Just a quick addendum… we are not (yet) producing plots of MOSH/E for the SREF, as this is much more demanding in terms of calculations and bandwidth. Perhaps down the road we will be able to tackle that. -Matt

  2. Jonathan Blaes @ WFO RAH says:

    I’ve done some basic investigation regarding calculations of MOSHE in AWIPS and it’s a lot more difficult that the SHERB or even SHERBE. I am sure there is an AWIPS wiz ot there who can’t provide some insight or assistance.

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