Winter 2017 Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sub-regional SOO and Northwest Flow Project Virtual Workshop

On December 13, a winter weather oriented sub-regional SOO and Northwest Flow Project virtual workshop was held. The workshop was organized following the Spring 2017 CSTAR Workshop and Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sub-regional SOO meeting held in Raleigh where participants suggested getting together later and sharing information related to the cool season. More than 2 dozen folks participated from 17 different locations including 10 different WFOs and 3 different universities.

The workshop featured 3 different talks covering NCEP models and winter precipitation, winter weather NWP and automated detection of mesoscale snowbands and finally Dual-Pol radar in winter weather operations. Slide decks and recorded videos of the presentations from the workshop are available via Google Drive.

Links to the specific presentation materials and videos are also available in the agenda listing below…

  • Geoff Manikin, EMC Precip Type, Snow Accumulation, and Upslope Winter Precip in NCEP Models (slides | recording)
  • Gary Lackmann and Jacob Radford, NC State – Winter Weather NWP, and Automated Detection of Mesoscale Snowbands (NWP slides | Banding slides | recording)
  • Matthew Elliott, SPC – Dual-Pol Radar in Winter Weather Operations (slides | recording)

In addition, a couple of web sites were highlighted during the presentations including…

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