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Arctic Cold Frontal Passage Through Asheville, North Carolina on 6 January 2014

A number of weather balloon launches occurred at the campus of UNC Asheville every three hours from 0600 through 1500 UTC on Monday, 6 January 2014 to document the passage of a cold front associated with an arctic air mass … Continue reading

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Potential for a “surprise” NW flow snow event on 23, 24 December 2013?

It is interesting to look at the GFS forecast (1200 UTC init) for overnight Monday (23 December)  into Tuesday morning (24 December) as very little precipitation is predicted for western NC. This might be an interesting case to see if … Continue reading

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New article in WAF having NW Flow Snowfall as its primary topic

A study based on WRF model simulations investigating the sensitivity of snowfall amounts in NW Flow Snowfall to surface fluxes upstream of the southern Appalachian Mountains can be found in the October 2012 issue of WAF, accessible via the AMS … Continue reading

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