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HSLC Products and Feedback Form

Given that Friday has at least some low-end HSLC potential in the Southeastern U.S., I took the opportunity to update the HSLC products feedback form so that it now includes questions about the so-called Modified SHERB (MOSH) and SHERBE (MOSHE).  … Continue reading

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SREF-SHERB upgrades, and a reminder about HSLC event feedback form

Item 1: The SREF ensemble members have recently been updated (thanks to Jonathan Blaes for bringing this to my attention).  The upgrades include the following: – The seven Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model (NMM) members will be eliminated.  … Continue reading

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HSLC web server back online

Hi All, After a fatal server crash in July, both the real-time SHERB images (NAM and RAP) and the Google Earth images for past HSLC case studies were unavailable.  I am pleased to announce that everything has been moved to … Continue reading

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NCSU offering real-time RAP plots on experimental basis

Hi All, As promised during the November workshop, I finally found time to get some RAP (RUC) plots of the SHERB on the web.  This is subject to all the usual caveats (it is only available when our computers and … Continue reading

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Scheduling questionnaire for HSLC conference call

Since the HSLC e-mail list is still being developed, I am cross-posting here as well. If you are interested in participating in the organizational conference call for the HSLC project, please visit the following link (a Doodle scheduling poll): reading

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Nov 30-Dec 1 2010 HSLC post-mortem thread

According to the current SPC log, there were widespread severe wind reports (at least in the Piedmont), but no tornadoes in GA/SC/NC/VA.  So… is this a null case?   While the episode is fresh in everyone’s minds (as of this typing, Wakefield, … Continue reading

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