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Evaluation of the Modified Rankine and Holland et al. TC Wind Fields

At the most recent CSTAR Tropical Cyclone wind team conference call, Bryce provided a large set of Holland et al. verification images for 30 different tropical cyclones that impacted the Atlantic basin from 2005-2011 (219 total analyses). The six panel … Continue reading

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Watch for banded snow showers developing at night during current late-season NW Flow Snow event.

What is expected to be an impressive late season NW Flow Snow event to ring in the Spring season has begun today (Monday March 25th, and may last well into Wednesday or Wednesday night). One interesting aspect of these events … Continue reading

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Eastern Region Virtual Workshop Presentation by Jordan Dale

NWS Eastern Region recently held a virtual conference to provide employees with an opportunity to showcase research and activities they have participated in.  As a participant in the CSTAR Tropical Cyclone QPF and Boundary Interaction project,  NC State student Jordan … Continue reading

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TC Winds Conference Call 3/13/13 Notes

Participants:  Bryce Tyner (NCSU), Michael Brennan (NHC), Reid Hawins (ILM), Jonathan Blaes (RAH), David Glenn (MHX), Frank Alsheimer (CHS) The CSTAR TC Winds Team held their monthly conference call on Wednesday, 3/13/13.  Bryce began the meeting by noting that the … Continue reading

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28 February 2013 HSLC Conference Call Notes

I. Attendees: Matt Parker, Jason Davis, and Keith Sherburn (NCSU), Frank Alsheimer (CHS), Trisha Palmer (FFC), Justin Lane and Larry Lee (GSP), Steve Zubrick (LWX), Jonathan Blaes and Mike Strickler (RAH), Steve Keighton (RNK) II. Jason provided a brief update … Continue reading

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RAP Surface Temperature Forecast Problems during Periods of Snow – Follow-up with Comments from Model Developers and another Possible Example from Today in northern Virginia

We previously shared an example of the RAP erroneously and excessively warming surface temperatures during periods of significant wet snow. That event occurred with RAP forecasts in the Raleigh-Durham area on February 16, 2013 – details of that event were … Continue reading

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The SHERB Parameter during the 30-31 January 2013 Severe Weather Event

A severe weather outbreak producing nearly 400 severe wind reports along with more than 10 tornado reports, moved across the southeastern U.S. on 30-31 January 2013. The event can be categorized as a high shear-low CAPE event across the Carolinas … Continue reading

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