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CIMMSE 2012 in Review

The folks created a 2012 annual report and we thought we would share. Here’s for a safe and prosperous 2013 and for more collaborating! Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog … Continue reading

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SHERB Tool, Documentation, and Support Now Available Via the NWS Software Collaboration Portal

Any interested NWS offices can now obtain the code, documentation, and support for the SHERB parameter smart tool via the NWS Software Collaboration Portal at: The SCP repository now contains both AWIPS 1 and AWIPS 2 versions of the … Continue reading

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Gravity Wave in the NW Piedmont of NC this morning?

All, Rapidly falling pressures and anomalously strong winds are being observed in the far NW piedmont of NC this morning, suggesting the presence of a gravity wave.  The Mount Airy observation (KMWK) reported the following: METAR KMWK 261355Z AUTO 07031G42KT … Continue reading

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Potential for Significant Severe Weather on Wednesday December 26, 2012

All, Looking at the latest model guidance, it appears that a significant severe weather episode is likely over portions of the Carolinas during the afternoon and evening hours of Wed December 26. Shortwave energy over the Intermountain West this afternoon … Continue reading

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Multiple Rounds of Standing Wave Cirrus Clouds on Sunday

There were multiple rounds of orographic cirrus cloudiness east of the Blue Ridge on Sunday.  The image to the right is a visible satellite image from 23 December. An animation of the visible satellite imagery from 1301 to 2145 UTC … Continue reading

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HSLC Radar Climatology Update

Last month at the AMS Severe Local Storms Conference and the CSTAR Virtual Workshop, I presented some preliminary results from a climatology of HSLC mesocyclones and mesovortices. A recording of the SLS presentation can be found here, and the conference … Continue reading

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HSLC Tornado in FFC’s CWA Monday 12/17

Just thought you all might be interested in seeing some data from our weak HSLC tornado this afternoon (LSR had it NE of Alamo in Wheeler County at ~1749Z). The 0.5 degree tilt is ~4kft AGL and we’re ~40-45nm from the radar.  … Continue reading

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NCSU offering real-time RAP plots on experimental basis

Hi All, As promised during the November workshop, I finally found time to get some RAP (RUC) plots of the SHERB on the web.  This is subject to all the usual caveats (it is only available when our computers and … Continue reading

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28% of NC Tornadoes Occur at Night but Are Responsible for 67% of all Tornado Fatalities

North Carolina has a long history of deadly nocturnal (nighttime) tornadoes with many of these tornadoes occurring during the fall secondary severe weather season. Just last year, during the evening of 16 November 2011, a tornado killed two people in … Continue reading

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Is It Useful to Filter SHERB Values?

A system producing another round of elevated SHERB values will cross the western Carolinas and northeast Georgia Monday afternoon and evening. We are noticing, by inspection, that the model SHERB grids are consistently highlighting significant 1.0+ values on days that … Continue reading

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