The Clayton, NC Wind Profiler Has Come Back to Life

The wind profiler located in Clayton, NC (“CTN”) which had been inoperable since 2008 has been restored and is now operating. Despite the fact that the profiler was heavily used by multiple agencies and meteorologists, repairing it wasn’t an option because of budgetary and other limitations. Recently, the NOAA Hydrometeorology Testbed – Southeast Pilot Study (HMT-SEPS) was able to provide resources and engineering expertise to this problem. With great cooperation on behalf of the North Carolina State Department of Environment and Natural Resources/Division of Air Quality, the HMT-SEPS folks were able to bring the faulty equipment out to Boulder, repair and upgrade the equipment and software, and return it to NC last month. NC DENR and US EPA scientists were then able to reinstall the fixes and bring everything up to operability last week. A similar system upgrade is planned for the Charlotte wind profiler as well.

*Note that because of squall line last night (Friday June 13), the power appears to be out at the profiler site and data is not available, it was fixed, I promise!

The data is now displayed on the following websites: (Click on one of the dots next Clayton) (Click on the dot over central NC)

Image of Clayton wind profiler wind analysis

This is a multi-agency success story that couldn’t have been accomplished without several key partners, and in particular to Nick Witcraft (NC DENR), Elliot Tardif (NC DENR), Bradley Mclamb (NC DENR), George Bridgers (US EPA) and the cadre of HMT field deployment expert team of meteorologists and engineers.

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